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Host: Mo Rocca

COVER STORY: The harsh reality of art collecting — and forgery
Art forgery — creating and selling artwork falsely credited to famous artists — is almost as old as art itself. In 2011, an esteemed New York gallery closed its doors after selling $80 million worth of fake art. Of course, authenticity is at the heart of any artwork's true value. But, as correspondent Erin Moriarty shows us, sometimes the problem lies in the proof.

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“Sunday Morning” visits Crested Butte, a former mining town also known as Colorado's “wildflower capital.”

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TRAVEL: Going wild over wildflowers
For many people Crested Butte, Colorado is a winter wonderland, but during the summers, there's another spectacular site that has people heading for the hills: wonderous wildflowers. The blooms are so celebrated here, there's even an annual festival. Mo Rocca visits this former mining town to learn why it's the “wildflower capital” of Colorado. 

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MONEY: Breaking down the U.S. economy's mixed signals
Unemployment is down. Inflation is up. With the Federal Reserve Board again raising interest rates this week, plus new indications we could be in a recession, the economy is in uncharted waters. And no one seems certain about what's next or what to do. CBS News' chief political analyst John Dickerson helps us add it all up with the help of two experts:  Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, with the overview; and Michelle Singletary, a personal finance columnist for the Washington Post, with advice for all of us.

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4th Annual Variety - The Children's Charity Of Southern CA Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament
Actor James Hong in 2014. 

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MOVIES: Actor James Hong on his amazing longevity
Over nearly seven decades, James Hong has racked up more film and TV credits than almost anyone. Even more impressive, the character actor did so while confronting demeaning stereotypes in Hollywood. Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz talks with the constantly-working 93-year-old Hong about a career that began with entertaining U.S. troops during the Korean War, and extended to such treasured films as “Chinatown” and “Big Trouble in Little China.” (This story was originally broadcast January 23, 2022.)

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National correspondent Rita Braver pays a visit to Sub-Zero, a home appliance company that leaves its competition out in the cold.

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BUSINESS: The Rolls Royce of refrigerators
Can a kitchen appliance really be an object of desire? Well, this refrigerator just might be the answer to some people's dreams. National correspondent Rita Braver pays a visit to Sub-Zero, a Wisconsin home appliance company that leaves its competition out in the cold.

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Singer Liza Minnelli, accompanied by her longtime friend Michael Feinstein, performs for “Sunday Morning.” 

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MUSIC: Liza Minnelli, the one and only
The EGOT-winning entertainer sits down with “Sunday Morning” host Jane Pauley, and with her friend and accompanist Michael Feinstein, to talk about a life in the spotlight; the influence of French singer Charles Aznavour on her Oscar-winning performance in “Cabaret”; and how, at 76, she still continues to honor the works of Gershwin – and the life of her mother, Judy Garland. (This story was originally broadcast January 16, 2022.)

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POLITICS: Midterms lookahead

With the 2022 midterm elections just 100 days away, CBS News' chief election and campaign correspondent Robert Costa lays out the opportunities and pitfalls each party faces as campaigns for the House, Senate and statehouses approach the final stretch.

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Correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti shows us a different type of dessert — made with pike fish.

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ICE CREAM MONTH: A dessert made with… fish?

On this last day of National Ice Cream month, correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti is serving up a very different kind of ice cream treat. It's made up of pike fish, not exactly something you would expect to find in a dessert, but it's a key ingredient in akutaq — also known as Eskimo ice cream. Like most traditional native Alaskan dishes, it features only ingredients hunted and gathered.

PASSAGE: In memoriam

“Sunday Morning” remembers some of the notable figures who left us this week, including novelist and screenwriter Aaron Latham and actors Paul Sorvino and Tony Dow.

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